CNC Milling And Turning


For all your CNC precision turning and milling needs, Thompson Engineering has got you covered. With our top-of-the-range facilities including four Wickman multi-spindle lathes – which offer efficient, high-quality CNC turning – you can trust that we will get the job done to your specifications and needs.

Committed about investing in quality machining centres, premium CNC milling is just one call away. Whether it’s for a commercial enterprise or a domestic project, our machining centres offer precise drill work and enable you to make modifications or products with ease. At Thompson Engineering, CNC milling and turning is simpler than ever.

CNC Punching

Alongside standard rotational machining, Thompson Engineering’s facilities offer customers to order precision controlled-punch or controlled-press work to be done. Our CNC punching equipment can be used on a number of different materials, from aluminium to steel, and can allow customers to mass produce a number of CNC parts and products in a timely manner. Alongside our competitive prices and customer service, getting your CNC punching at Thompson Engineering is a smart choice.

CNC Cutting

Together with our metal fabrication services, we offer customers guillotining and CNC cutting, meaning that you can bring us your plans for specific metal sheet work and we will turn out high quality product with a short turnaround period. Skilled in aluminium fabrication and steel fabrication , our trained employees will not only offer CNC cutting guidance and advice, they’ll also provide added services like powder-coating at competitive customer rates.

For precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication work our customers can have
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CNC Precision Turning

Our employees are happy to help you at any stage of production. Qualified across the board in key CNC machining and precision engineering skills, our staff welcome you in to discuss your projects, your plans and any mark-ups or designs you have for us. As part of our full service, we’ll give you the advice and guidance you need to navigate all relevant facets of precision engineering. Whether your project requires CNC turning on our efficient Wickman lathes or CNC punching in our controlled-press and -punch centres, our employees will let you know, as well as working with you towards the next step in your project.

CNC milling and turning is a key part in many engineering or construction projects. At Thompson Engineering, we’re driven to work with customers to produce CNC parts, fabrications and modifications to suit their needs. With the facilities to handle all your orders, large or small, Thompson Engineering hopes to be your go-to call for quick turnaround and competitively-priced CNC precision turning, milling and punching.