CNC Machining Melbourne


For premium CNC machining in Melbourne, look no further than Thompson Engineering. Our facilities are fully equipped with the CNC machining you need to take on any of your precision engineering needs. Be it material turning or controlled-press or controlled-punch modifications, our set-ups and turning centres can and will handle the orders you put in with us.

Staffed with highly-skilled specialists, experienced with our complete range of CNC precision machining facilities, Thompson Engineering offers customers the opportunity to draw on our expertise in the planning stages of your project. With everything from guillotining to powder-coating provided at our one-stop shop for material turning and precision engineering, we feel that it’s key to thoroughly plan out projects with customers. With a dedication to maximizing customer satisfaction, we’ve made a name for ourselves, providing CNC machining for Melbourne businesses and private projects.

CNC Precision Machining

With four Wickman multi spindle lathes set-up at our facilities, our ability to produce high-quality precision components efficiently and quickly puts us ahead of the game when it comes to Melbourne CNC machining. Working 10 times faster than standard lathes, Wickman multi spindle lathes mark a considered advance in commercial precision engineering.

Our lathe operators are fully trained in the correct conduct and usage of the set-up, and are happy to answer questions or offer advice. Thompson Engineering offers a fast turnaround on all drilling, facing or turning orders, and with its competitive price, it’s an obvious choice for your next project.

For precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication work our customers can have
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Being able to hold tolerances of ± 0.05mm diameter and 0.15 length, these Wickman set-ups can more than handle mass production when it comes to large orders. With Mitutoyo digital equipment offering unparalleled measurement, we can ensure the utmost accuracy when it comes to knowing these tight tolerances and working to safeguard your orders, maintaining CNC precision machining of the highest quality.

With added extras including rust preventative plating and heat-treatment, our CNC precision machining facilities offer the full gamut of your potential project needs. As a company, we invest in the very best CNC machining so that we can produce quality CNC parts at a low cost. Striving for nothing less than the very best in design-to-production accuracy and precision engineering, our loyal customer base is a testament to the quality of service we offer. Ahead of the game in terms of resources, facilities and machining, when it comes to CNC machining by Melbourne-based engineers, Thompson Engineering hopes to be your first call on the road to your project’s completion.