CNC Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering, Metal Turning and Light Fabrication Services

Thompson has experience and expertise from working on an extensive array of precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication projects. Our up-to-date CNC programming capability makes us the right choice to manufacture components for all kinds of industries and applications.

Our commitment to our customers through our ISO 9001 certified Business Management System gives them the confidence our precision engineering components will be delivered with the right finish and on-time.

From Your Design to Your Door

Send us a design document with specifications of the component or part you require and we will set about making it into a reality. We can even assist in some aspects of the design if required, before setting our workshop of high quality precision engineering and CNC programming equipment to the job, in whatever material is specified.

A Range Of Metal Turning Specialities and CNC Programming Specialities

Thompson’s technicians are highly regarded for their ability to adapt to a customer’s precision engineering requirements. With our workshop split into two manufacturing areas we are able to deliver light fabrication or other components with a fast turnaround.


We Specialise In

  • Delivering high volumes of components, in excess of 300,000 per year.
  • Smaller runs of only 200 or so per year

CNC Precision Components & Parts

Our workshop is equipped with four Wickman multispindle lathes, capable of producing components up to 10 times quicker than ordinary lathes. It is this equipment which gives us the competitive edge for mass production metal turning.

These machines can hold tolerances of:

  • Plus or minus 0.05mm diameter
  • Plus or minus 0.15mm length

Our cold saw is capable of holding tolerances of plus or minus 0.15mm in cutting length, and our use of Mitutoyo digital equipment we are able to accurately measure very tight tolerances.

We also follow up our metal turning and light fabrication work with rust preventative plating and heat treating capabilities. Once a component is made we can package and deliver it to your door, or stockpile extra product so, supplies are ready to go at any time. Our CNC programming systems can keep a record of any design so it can also be manufactured again at a later date if necessary.

For precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication work our customers can have utmost confidence in, Call Thompson today on

03 9331 7725

Precision Engineering and Light Fabrication Projects of All Sizes

By employing highly qualified and experienced CNC programming technicians, who have an extensive knowledge of metal turning and light fabrication, we have been able to ensure that we can consistently produce excellent quality products which have been utilised in a wide range of industries across Australia.


CNC Manufacturing

We have been contracted for our CNC programming and metal turning skills to manufacture and supply components to projects and industries including:

  • Sports stadiums such as Etihad Stadium in Melbourne and ANZ Stadium in Sydney.
  • Provided turned parts for the Burnley and ??? tunnels.
  • Medical clinics and hospitals.
  • The defence forces.
  • Light fabrication for shop window displays.
  • Specialised CNC programming for car makers including Ford, Toyota and Holden.
  • Motor boat designers.
  • The proposed eastern seaboard high speed rail project.
  • Castor wheel manufacturers.
  • Hydraulics industries.

The Benefits to Our Customers

Customers of our precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication business should be confident their project is in the hands of some of Melbourne’s most highly trained and skilled CNC programming technicians.

For precision engineering, metal turning and light fabrication work our customers can have utmost confidence in, call Thompson today on 03 9331 7725.

Dedicated to providing high-quality CNC components for a wide range of programming and manufacturing needs, Thompson Engineering has both the stock and the expertise to handle all your CNC precision engineering needs.

With our wide range of precision components, we have the means and the supplies to help create whatever you plan. Our staff are trained in a number of key CNC manufacturing techniques, including spot-welding, controlled-press operation and fine metal turning.

Committed to providing CNC precision engineering in a safe, conduct-compliant way, our trained employees will treat your designs with the utmost of care. With their high degree of professionalism, you can trust that Thompson Engineering offers all your CNC manufacturing needs at a competitive rate.

We provide key CNC parts and CNC components for all your precision engineering needs. Our wide range of products means that Thompson Engineering can guide you through every step of your project, from planning to building, controlled pressing, bending and spot-welding. We pride ourselves on making sure the end result is of the highest quality.

Over the years we have helped countless projects meet their CNC precision engineering needs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has ensured that Thompson Engineering is the go-to name for many of our loyal clients. We’ve provided CNC parts to many varied projects – with our commitment to investing in the very best machining facilities, including four Wickman multi-spindle lathes, we pride ourselves on the standard we hold ourselves to. Able to accommodate orders large and small with a quick turnaround, Thompson Engineering is a smart choice for savvy customers.