How long has Thompson Engineering been in the turning and light fabrication business?

Thompson Engineering was first established over thirty years ago as a family business, and remains so to this day. Since opening our workshop in the Melbourne suburb of Maidstone in the 1970s, we have been involved in the manufacture of precision parts for a wide range of industries all over Australia.

We have been involved with fabrication for the last 3 years.

What kind of projects has your company been involved in?

Over several years our highly experienced precision CNC turning staff been contracted to make precision parts for many projects of widely varying scales including:

  • Making components used in the construction of Etihad Stadium in Melbourne and ANZ Stadium in Sydney.
  • The manufacture of componetry for vehicles, for leading auto makers including Ford,Holden and Toyota.
  • Supplying components for Australian defence forces.
  • Providing custom tools and systems for hydraulics and castor wheel makers.
What is precision CNC engineering?

Precision CNC engineering is employed in a wide variety of industries employing components made through the computerised lathing process known as metal turning, very tight tolerances.

What are the benefits of CNC turning?

The benefits of metal turning via Computer Numerical Control means light fabrication and precision parts can be made over and over again to the exact same design specifications. Today’s CNC programming systems and CNC turning equipment are highly advanced to the point where materials with very low tolerances can be machined.

When you need the best in light fabrication and or precision CNC engineering, call Thompson Engineering on 03 9331 7725 or contact us by submitting an online enquiry form.