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Thompson Precision Engineering

Founded in Melbourne over 30 years ago, Thompson is a leading provider of CNC engineering to customers all over Australia. Our vast expertise in metal turning gives us the ability to deliver precision parts across a range of sizes, in all kinds of materials and at competitive prices.

Precision Engineering

We are a proudly Australian family owned and operated precision engineering business, and are ready to share our extensive experience and know how to help with metal turning projects for almost any need.

Reliable Family Business, Trusted Experience

Our customers can be assured the precision parts we manufacture meet our exacting guidelines for quality. With ISO 9001 certification for our Business Management System, Thompson has the proven know how and skill to supply reliable engineered turning without any hassles.

Up-to-the-Minute Technology

Thompson is constantly researching the latest and best technologies so we can meet a wider range of specifications. With new equipment coming online all the time, please feel free to contact us about any type of turning project you may be considering.

Our Clients

Our experience has enabled us to win contracts and supply high grade components for projects including Etihad Stadium in Melbourne and Stadium Australia in Sydney, as well as auto makers including Ford, Toyota and Holden.

We have also brought our skills and experience in Repetition Engineering to manufacturing specialised precision parts for hospitals, the defence forces and cosmetic displays for store fronts. Our extensive experience extends to supplying components to castor wheel makers and hydraulic system manufacturers. No matter the material, Thompson has the right people and equipment for all kinds of turning no mater what your volume is.

Soft Metal Turning Fabrication

If our customers need precision parts made in softer types of metal such as copper, we have the right precision engineering tools for the job. We are constantly upgrading our Keilor East workshop to include the latest and best CNC engineering technology to make our metal turning capacity even better. Soft metals can be difficult to work with in precision engineering as it is easy to break, but with our cutting edge digital micrometres we can make high volumes of components efficiently.

Hassle Free, Competitively Priced

The friendly and highly skilled staff at Thompson’s workshop are able to offer an excellent quality of service from start to finish. Just supply us with a design and we get to work turning it into whatever volume of components a customer requires. Plus our facility has not only the best in CNC engineering and metal turning equipment, but also the storage capacity to stockpile supplies to your needs.

As a family business, we believe our reputation is our future, so we strive to offer extra services. We aim for fast turnaround on all of our projects, and if necessary, we can arrange for our precision parts to be delivered to customers so they can be assured their order will be on site when it’s needed.

For hassle free, competitively priced precision engineering and metal turning, call Thompson Engineering on 03 9331 7725 or submit a helpful online enquiry form.


Metal Turning

Our workshop is equipped with:

  • Four Wickman multispindle auto lathes.
  • Two Swiss style sliding head CNC lathes with auto bar loaders.
  • Four production CNC lathes.
  • Two jogging CNC machines.
  • Machining Centre with travel of up to 1.5 metres
  • CNC controlled auto loading cold saw.